Ride the Heatwave with INMOTION!

Join INMOTION for an electrifying summer adventure!
Our Summer Ride Extravaganza brings new releases, and discounts to elevate your riding experience!

Hot Sellers

Discover the excitement with our best-sellers, the INMOTION Adventure (V14) and INMOTION RS.

New 2024

Explore the ground-breaking line-up of new 2024 models here,
and get ready for a full year of upir best rides yet.

Electric Unicycle

Unlocking freedom, opening new doors, and even improving mental health,
We've seen many of our riders have life-changing experiences, all strmming from what it is to ride an EUC.

Electric Scooter

At INMOTION, we strongly believe electric scooters are beyond "just a toy." We believe they are powerful
and useful tools in the fight to save our planet in the form of micro-mobility - they also happen to be fun and enjoyable.