Our beginning

Life can be tough, work can be stressful, and modern human beings are driven by cars, houses, and paychecks. Is there a moment just for us to forget about everything and enjoy peace of mind? How can we add some flavor to our daily lives? That’s the problem that INMOTION has been trying to solve.

Everyone needs to travel around, and 60% of all trips are less than 5 miles, so we decided to leverage short-distance rides to provide people with a way to have fun and stay passionate every day. We need an innovative way to get people out of cars, which should be clean, accessible, city-friendly, and most importantly, make people happy and make life in motion. So Inmotion was founded in 2012.

Our electric unicycle

As a new way of transportation, the form of electric unicycle represents extreme simplicity since there is no way to have less than one wheel design to make a micro-mobility device. Implemented with gyro sensors, electric unicycle is smart. You lean forward, the wheel accelerates, you lean backward, the wheel brakes. There are no sticks, gears, steering, buttons or anything like those traditional ones. It’s like the wheel can read your mind, get your subtle sensation, and lead the way you want without any extra interactions. Everything is intuitive like nature, and the wheel is a friend of yours who knows you best.

People love that unique way of riding - they commute, carve, jump, release with their wheels, and they just cannot get rid of the wheel from their lives. We have seen tons of riders recover from mental health illnesses, and electric unicycle has opened a new door for their lives. Besides the daily commutes, it’s much more accessible to have relaxation, go out for social events, and get engaged with communities.It may seem nerdy or awkward to some people, but it can’t stop the rapid-growing numbers of early adopters who are open-minded, like to try new stuff, and share their thoughts with their friends and family members.

Our electric scooter

The typical average energy consumption of a electric unicycle is about 32 wh/mile, but the number will go down to 25 wh/mile for an e-scooter. We realized that an e-scooter is the next thing we should develop to fulfill our mission. Even better, this device is for the majority.E-scooters are toys in many people’s eyes, so manufacturers make them by toy standards.

INMOTION doesn’t see it that way; we strongly believe it should be a useful tool, at the same time it can have a lot of fun with. So things like performance, built quality, durability, water resistance, maintenance, even second-hand value are important for us, as they are essential for tools.We’ve paid extra attention to the water resistance of our e-scooters, and we always have the best IP rating compared to our peers because we want our wheel to be a reliable partner to its owner. Its job is to create joy and convenience, not hassles and burdens.


Inmotion has been focusing on the micro-mobility industry for a decade, INMOTION has seen more and more people embracing the trend of PEVs. Especially in the past 3 years, we've had 40% growth every year. One of the reasons we have observed is that the pandemic makes people eager to go outdoors, to meet people and have fun together, and PEVs are a great pick for that purpose.

Saving people from the traffic jam in the morning, letting them get a chance to breathe the fresh air, hear the wind flowing by their ears, letting them play, carve, and have fun - they have big smiles on their faces, and then they can start a new day with a happy mood. On weekends, riders have meetups. They explore their cities, do technical trail ridings, have fun and passion together. Those are the essential motivations that INMOTION will keep striving for better wheels for our riders.