08.24 2021
Off on another wheel adventure downthe west coast!Brought the v11 along to explore withThis is my first suspension wheel, it's a lotdifferent! I'm still figuring out how to work withthe suspension- curb hopping, jumping andturning feel so different!


08.31 2021

We took a wrong turn on our way to the beach inSan Simeon, and ended up on this epic road! Sosmooth and windy, and too narrow for bigvehicles so we had it all to ourselves riqht beforesunset.

Fiqured out some temporary pads but still workingon the right set up. Starting to get a feel for theV11 - I gotta admit, the ride is smooth as hell. Icruised right over some potholes that almost tookgrace out on her RS The v11 is so comfy andfeels qreat on my knees and lower back.


05.09 2021

Cruised up the trails to the famousHollywood sign on my inmotion v11!

This is the ride I fell in love with the v11. I havebeen skeptical about suspension wheels -mostlydue to the maintenance and upkeep -but I'mseriously loving how smooth this ride is

These trails were awesome, I could have riddenaround these hills all day. With the suspension,was able to conquer all the roughest concrete andgravel ruts this road had to qive. l just bouncedand glided right over everything. It took me a fewdays to craft some makeshift pads and get usedto the bounce but once I got on this trail, I foundmy groove! Stoked to start getting some moremiles in on this wheel!


09.10 2021

I like riding at night. There is less traffic, lesspeople - you can ride on roads that are too busyduring the day. And especially lately, there is lessheat from the blasting summer sun.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good daytime rideand you can't beat the epic views on day-ridesBut each have their pros and cons, and havingthe roads to yourself is a pretty big plus!

The headliqht on the v11 is one of the brightestI've seen. it's so powerful that it has its own littlefan to keep it cool.

I've been falling in love with this wheel! it's sosmooth and comfy. Perfect for riding around thebeach and boardwalk.

I love the path along the beach in Venice. it's agreat place to casually ride and enjoy thesunshine.

Riding through the desert on this wheel was a lot of fun. The smooth feel of the suspension makes it reallycomfortable and I can enjoy the view without having to worry as much about potholes and was cool to explore the nature around Las Veqas and see another side of the city for the first time. I'm glad lqot to spend so much time relaxinq here on this tripGot to take a short cruise at dusk through Red Rocks Canyon, just outside Las Vegas. t was so hot during theday that I couldn't imaqine being out there until after the sun started to set. What a beautiful place to ride!

The v11 handles so nicely. lt's probably the most comfortable EUC to ride. lf you follow me, you have probablynoticed that I have many styles of riding. One of my favorite reasons to take the v11 out is when l want asmooth, comfortable ride where l can enjoy the scenery and chill with friends. Especially if my knees or back arehurting, the v11 is my go-to. I'd definitely recommend it for people with joint issues, or past knee injuries

yearsof ballet and all the riding we'd been doing reallyaggravated it. We had the idea that she switch toriding the v11, thinking the suspension wouldhelp alleviate some of the stress on her kneesand it really helped!

The way the V11 overcomes bumps and ruts andpotholes with ease is really nice when you haveknee, hip or back pain. It takes away a lot of thejarring impacts of rough terrain. Before trying thiswheel, I didn't really understand why you'd needsuspension on an EUC. But, I gotta say, I'm prettystoked on it now.


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