Efficient Commuting with Foldable Scooter on Metrolink

01.03 2023
I use this scooter to commute to work daily aboard the Metrolink and this thing is great. It does not take up much space aboard and since it folds i take it with me to a regular seat when there is no room in the bike car.

Powerful and Comfortable Riding the Foldable Scooter as a Tall Person

03.18 2023

I am 6’ 7” 300LBS and its able to get me up to 18MPH on a fresh charge for the first 4 to 5 miles on a relatively flat surface after that it drops a bit. If your lighter you will probably get more out of it. The handle bar height is actually pretty good for a tall person, its probably the most comfortable that i have found.

About S1’s tires

02.06 2023
Tires i love the fact that it uses no inner tube and the tire are fairly puncture resistant i have gotten a couple of flats after about 8 months of riding, considering putting solid tires on this.

Convenient Phone App for Scooter Control and Anti-Theft Feature

12.27 2022
The Phone app it comes with is okay just lets you control the lights on the scooter and the feature i love is it locks the wheels so if someone tries to take it they literally have to drag it away or carry it.

Every big guy should have one

04.10 2023

Overall - Its a very good commuting / Cruising scooter thats is a very good value and built quality for the money.


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