Inmotion Scores Big with IF Design Awards: Amping Up Electric Rides!

In today's electrified world, innovation drives urban mobility, and Inmotion sets the pace with four IF Design Award winners: Adventure (V14), Challenger (V13), V11, and RS
From adult electric unicycles to electric scooters, these award-winning products redefine urban transportation with their exceptional design and functionality, offering users a thrilling and eco-friendly way to navigate city streets. Let's take a spin through each one:
The Adventure (V14) stands out as our top commuter and adventure EUC, prioritizing power and off-road performance. With a high-torque motor, advanced suspension system, and quick-release battery, it offers a smooth and worry-free ride on any terrain.  
Unleash Your Need for Speed! Built for thrill-seekers craving power and speed, the Challenger (V13) accelerates with an incredible lift speed of 86.8mph and ultra-powerful 300N.m of torque. Yet, it's not just about the rush - designed for comfort, Challenger ensures an exhilarating yet comfortable ride wherever you go. Experience the next level of riding with Challenger! 
Meet the World's Best-Selling Electric Unicycle! The V11 stands out as the smooth operator of the unicycle world. With its shock-absorbing magic, it ensures a buttery smooth ride, whether you're navigating potholes or zipping through traffic. Experience the unparalleled comfort and performance that have made the V11 the top choice for riders worldwide. 
Introducing the Inmotion RS, the world's first Transforming System: 4-in-1 Superscooter. Inspired by SUV versatility, its adjustable pedal height settings range from 183mm to 303mm, ensuring optimal suspension performance for any terrain. Seamlessly transition between off-road ruggedness, sedan elegance, SUV practicality, and sportscar excitement, with the RS, experience unparalleled versatility for every adventure. 
Inmotion scooped up these awards because they're not just about getting from A to B—they're about making every ride an adventure. So, whether you're cruising the city streets or carving up the countryside, we've got the wheels to take you there in style.