INMOTION Customer Story: Cody Sims’ riding story

Dec.25 2022 Christmas Gifts For Three Boys:INMOTION S1 Elctric Scooter

As a father of three boys, finding suitable gifts for them can be challenging. However, when I gave them INMOTION electric scooter S1 for Christmas last year, their excitement and joy knew no bounds. They spent the entire day riding the scooters with thrill and excitement.


Jan.5 2023 Making Going Out Easier

Winters in Utah can be brutal, so having a reliable and comfortable means of transportation is crucial. The INMOTION electric scooter, with their wider tires, mechanical brakes, and stable handlebar structure, make going out easier and safer, even in harsh weather conditions.


Mar.10 2023 A Great Helper for School Commute

My 13-year-old sons' school is not located near any bus stops, so I encouraged them to commute on their electric scooters starting this year. This decision has made their 3.5-mile ride to school easier and more eco-friendly.


May.1 2023 Experience the Joys of Family Time with the Inmotion S1

Whenever the weather is nice, my boys and I love taking our electric scooters out on the streets to explore the city. We feel that the electric scooter is a natural extension of our bodies, allowing us to experience a sense of ease, grace, and freedom. We can travel far and wide while enjoying the refreshing wind and warm sun on our skin.