Buy guide on INMOTION S1 and INMOTION Climber

INMOTION S1 and INMOTIONClimber are two different electric scooters produced by INMOTION. Here are the main differences between these two vehicles:


  • Unbeatable 95km long range
  • Front & rear shock absorption
  • Easily conquer 30% inclines
  • Dual charger support, less than 3.5 hrs to fully charge
  • 3 ride models to adapt to any situation; Smart app connectivity


  • Ultra-powerful dual 750w motors with a peak power of 1500W
  • Unrivaled IP56 waterproof ratings make your rainy rides safer
  • Innovative modular design let you easily change a tire within ten minutes

 Max. Slope:

One of the main differences between the INMOTION S1 and the INMOTION Climber is their climbing angle. The Climber has a higher climbing angle of 36%, whereas the S1 reaches a maximum of 30%. This difference means that the Climber is perfect for rough terrains such as hills and mountains.

Max. Range:

Another critical difference between the two models is their driving range. INMOTION S1 has an impressive 95km driving range, whereas the INMOTION Climber has a range of 56km. This difference means that the S1 is more useful for the daily commute.

 Max. Speed:

The maximum speed is another significant difference between the INMOTION S1 and Climber. The INMOTION Climber has a maximum speed of 38 km/h, while the S1 has a maximum speed of 30 km/h, meaning that Climber is approximately 25% faster than the S1.

 IP Ratings (Body):

The INMOTION S1 has an IP54 protection class, whereas INMOTION Climber has an IP56 protection class.

 Unfolded Dimensions:

INMOTION S1 and INMOTION Climber have different vehicle development sizes.

The S1 is 1307*520*1207 while the Climber is 1165*510*1195.

 In summary, both the INMOTION S1 and INMOTION Climber offer excellent transportation options for different needs. The impressive features of the INMOTION S1 make it perfect for city commuting, while the INMOTION Climber is more suitable for outdoor expeditions and climbing hills or mountains. Choosing between the two scooters depends on your personal preferences and requirements.