Dreaming Big: 10-Year-Old's Off-Road Adventure with V11

10.28 2022

My name is Nadia Mura. I am 10 years old, and I want to be a professional EUC rider. While the V11 may not provide enough torque for heavier riders, it's perfect for my needs. The top-notch build quality and exceptional durability of this wheel have made it a reliable companion during my off-road adventures. Its suspension system allows me to navigate even the toughest mountain trails with ease.

V12 Embracing the Power and Versatility of Advanced EUC Technology

11.15 2022

Recently, I upgraded to the Inmotion V12 High Torque, which required some adjustments. However, the more I ride it, the more comfortable I become. I truly appreciate the extra power this wheel offers as it can handle various terrains from streets to dirt paths.

Building Confidence in EUC Riding

2.15 2023
Of course, before hopping onto any new wheel, it's vital to warm up and get accustomed to it, especially if you haven't ridden in a while. Starting with smaller jumps and progressively increasing your challenges will help you build confidence in your abilities.

Riding to Victory

3.31 2023
Last weekend, I took my V11 to join an EUC competition in San Jose. It was a really fun day for me, and the V11 proved to be quite impressive with its super smooth motor control.

A Memorable Experience on My INMOTION V11

3.31 2023

When my riding group and I stumbled upon an oasis while exploring the desert trails on my INMOTION V11 electric unicycle. We stopped in our tracks to take it all in, marveling at the sheer beauty of nature before us. It was a moment that we will always remember, and an experience that made the ride truly unforgettable.


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