3 Tips to INSTANTLY become a BETTER rider

If you feel like the people on the internet or people who you ride with are a little bit better than you and you feel like I wish I could do a little thing like he's doing or his take offs are amazing or his turning is pretty smooth. These three fundamental things will improve you be a much better rider overall.


The standard stance for riding a unicycle is to stand with both feet parallel and side-by-side. If you want more agility and control, you can shift one foot a little forward and adopt a slightly tilted back position similar to skateboard or snowboard riding. Finding a comfortable stance in the middle allows for maneuvering the wheel without losing control.  Additionally, repositioning the shoulders can further enhance balance and stability.


When making a turn on an electric unicycle, it's natural to want to lean in the direction of the turn. However, locking your outer leg against the side of the wheel can offer added stability, especially when making more aggressive turns. This technique works best on taller wheels but can be used across any electric unicycle.

 By locking your outer leg against the wheel, you'll have greater control and acceleration during turns, resulting in a more enjoyable riding experience. This technique is not only about making turns but also about maintaining stability and control while riding. In summary, walking that outer leg is a key to success when making turns on an electric unicycle but really more about stability and having control over what you’re doing.


To execute a hard stop on an electric unicycle, imagine it like the claw machine in an arcade that grabs a stuffed animal, with your legs as the grip. When you're ready to stop, grip the wheel tightly with your legs and lean back, leading with your butt, while twisting your legs slightly. This action is like grabbing and twisting the wheel, providing you with excellent control to stop and prevent wobbling or falling off your wheel.  This technique is especially useful for emergency stops, such as when a cab or pedestrian unexpectedly appears. I've had great success with this method and use it often.

To achieve extreme acceleration from a standing start on an electric unicycle, think of it like skiing. Just like when you slalom back and forth on skis, you'll do the same with your knees against the side of the wheel. To get to your destination as fast as possible, use one leg and then the other to push your knees against each side of the wheel in a left-right pumping motion. This essentially means that you're pushing into the wheel, alternating sides as you pump your way to faster acceleration. It takes a bit of practice to find the right amount of pressure to push forward into the side, as overdoing it could cause you to fall and damage your wheel. But with a little trial and error, you'll get the hang of it and enjoy the thrilling sensation of faster acceleration. Give it a try!